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Quality Assurance

Ensure that you are getting the best quality application from the get-go and avoid potential problems. We have a specific quality assurance team that will work to make sure your software is running properly and to your standards consistently without any worry.

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”― Lewis Carroll, Alice Through the Looking Glass


Quality Assurance doesn’t mean one simply should be working permanently, it also means working better and better. It doesn’t mean simply doing your job well, it also means supporting your project team so they can perform better. It means being aware of one’s responsibility in a project success, not one’s personal results but a project in a whole, reaching common goals for the team.

Quality Assurance means planning the present state of things to meet the expected result, making required changes into project implementation process – constantly setting/regulating/tightening in order to gain the best possible results.


Assuring quality means being attentive to everything that is related to project implementation, staying focused on every detail, understanding the level of each action impact on expected result.


Assuring quality means continuously doing the best!

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At The Demski Group, we have maintained a standard of quality and success with our software solutions. The result is with every project we make sure it passes multiple testing phases to ensure the best performance, security, and user experience.


Don’t worry when it comes to quality assurance. Members of our quality assurance team will be assigned as needed to your project to assure that your software passes all testing and results in a bug free enterprise, web, or mobile application.


The most successful work always requires objective feedback from an outside specialist’s perspective. Our quality assurance team and consultants will bring an objective view of your software and spot any issues or potential areas for improvement.


For all projects, our testing process remains the same including some or all of the following stages:


Functionality Testing – We ensure that all endpoints on both back-end and front-end are working correctly.


Compatibility Testing – We make sure that your software is fully capable of running on all devices.


Performance Testing – We put the software to the test and realize its limits so it can be sure to handle your current traffic and potential growth.


Security Testing – We take extra precautions to make certain your software is entirely secure from attack by eliminating any vulnerability.


Usability Testing – We test the final app from a user perspective to ensure that the UI/UX is user-friendly and exactly what you anticipated.

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