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Education & HRM

Enhance the learning environment with custom designed software. With this technology, the ability to train new employees, share information, schedule tasks, and integrate new e-learning applications will be at your fingertips. The latest collaboration tools will help personnel complete tasks and the business to grow.

A vast expansion of the use of mobile technology in the modern world has completely altered how things are done in every industry. This increase has opened up opportunity to make learning programs much more efficient and intuitive than ever. Mobile learning is projected to generate $14.5 billion in revenues by 2019. It’s time to harness this potential and create a better learning environment.

Software is being used to help students discover their passions and abilities through custom development. With experience in developing solutions for students and schools, The Demski Group understands what needs to be done in order for your organization to achieve its goals.

We work closely with you to help plan the perfect system to complement and improve existing practices, whether it’s new mobile learning software, communications, training programs, or management tools.

  • Discover a range of options for advanced IT solutions to help students engage in a classroom environment.
  • Design an efficient and time-saving process for job training. Revenues have been shown to increase by 26% in companies that incorporate mobile learning.
  • Improve the recruitment process and human resources department without wasting time.
  • Develop new and exciting e-learning programs using multimedia.

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