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Custom Development

Experience more efficient operations and increases in profits from better built technology. At The Demski Group, we specialize in developing a solution that is the perfect fit for your business’ needs.

Mobile app, website, dashboard, API integration… whatever it is we can help. Our team of expert developers has the experience and capability to accomplish whatever task your organization needs.


Ready to make your idea a reality?

We’d love to make it happen.


Here at The Demski Group we pride ourselves on accomplishing difficult projects on time and on budget. We love a challenge; whether it is building a custom bluetooth receiver and its accompanying firmware, building a brand new API, or even creating applications to control drones and monitor their systems this is what we love to do.


We have perfected a fluid process of development that we will be sure to complete exactly what you are looking for in short timeframe. Our experience in enterprise applications for businesses allows us to easily identify what needs to be done and how implement it. Our developers are familiar with creating software that improves collaboration, e-commerce, marketing automation, and management.


We understand that most large enterprise companies are already using third-party applications. That is why The Demski Group puts priority on mobile-first development that utilizes custom API, UI/UX, admin panels, and integrations that will seamlessly work with your enterprise applications.


Without the latest in technology, your employees are likely to waste time working through bugs and various issues. Our team at The Demski Group will analyze your current legacy solution and create new applications designed for enterprise business using advanced development frameworks and technology. With a better solution to assist your team, both users and employees alike will enjoy the benefits of having state-of-the-art tools at their fingertips.


The result of mergers and acquisitions in most companies today is a plethora of software applications and solutions being used. The Demski Group can help minimalize the amount of different technologies being used by combining benefits from each in a single user experience. Integrating each benefit into a common solution will optimize flow, efficiency, IT operations, and lower costs. Our team will be able to understand the current system and be able to introduce a new enterprise application utilizing modern software stacks and cloud hosting.


● Analysis & Redesign – An experienced team will analyze your current software solution and pin point areas in need of improvement or redesign and will suggest a plan for development based on your business needs.

● Development & Testing – Our team of over 500 qualified developers will develop and test your new enterprise solution and make certain is functioning properly and how you envisioned.

● Implementation & Maintenance – The Demski Group will provide assistance in implementing the new software into your current system and will provide 6 months of free support and pre-determined maintenance.

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